Guil TMD-545/N

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Trosstorn för linearray, 500kg, upp till 6,43m med manuell vinch

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Rigging tower (Line Array Systems) specially designed for a reliable lifting of Line Array Systems of up to 500 kg (1102.3 lb) to a maximum height of 6.43 metres (21′ 1.15″). Its new compact design with castors (one complete unit has a volume of 1.48 m³) gives the TMD-545 Rigging tower easy handling and manoeuvrability, reducing storage space. It is the perfect solution for touring! Thanks to its easy handling, transport and quick assembly, TMD-545 Rigging Tower can be considered as one of the most convenient and functional towers on the market.

Mast section
Compact lift structure composed of four aluminium stacking trusses Ref. TA500-1500 (500 x 500 x 1500 mm) (1′ 7.68″ x 1′ 7.68″ x 4′ 11.05″). Mast section is fitted with two joining braces that have aluminium couplers ABZ-24 that give maximum stability to the mast structure.

These stacking trusses, manufactured with extruded aluminium (Alloy: EN-AW according to 6082 T6) and TIG welded (continuous cord for a maximum resistance), are specially designed to be piled up, reducing storage space and making it easier to handle. The different truss sections are joined together with conical female couplers with spigots and safety R-springs which guarantee maximum safety and resistance and at the same time make it quick and easy to assemble.

GUIL TMD-545 is quick and easy to assemble and has the advantage of being flexible to suit your special requirements with the combination of different section lengths available on request.

Top section
Its frontal part has two functions:
1. It acts as a reliable arm to fit the POLI/4 chain hoist that lifts the Line Array System to.

2. The front of the top section has a length of 760 mm (2′ 5.92″), this length together with the tilt-designed mast (3º) allows the audio equipment to be lifted in a tilted position.

Its posterior part has two functions:
1. It allows us to fit the safety hook of the brake winch. Its hinge system at the base of the tower means the tower can be lifted with very little effort.

2. Once the tower is standing in its working position, by tightening the wire slightly the top section will act as a counterweight.

Base section
Its new compact base structure (640 x 1190mm / 2′ 1.20″ x 3’10.85″) is designed to be able to store all the components needed to assemble one complete Rigging Tower. The base structure and its four detachable outriggers are provided with seven screw jacks with non-slip foot plates to guarantee maximum stability and to ensure a perfect adjustment and levelling on uneven surfaces. It has four heavy-duty castors (Ø 100mm / 3.93″) to facilitate its handling and positioning in the working place.

The base section, equipped with a spirit level for an accurate vertical tower adjustment, is made of sturdy steel (ST37-2 according to DIN 2393) finished in anthracite grey, anti-scratch powder coating to make it more resistant to outdoor weather conditions.

Maximum safety
TMD-545 Rigging Tower has been manufactured with the most advanced welding equipment, carefully selecting the raw materials used and controlling the quality of all their components during their manufacturing process.

TMD-545 complies with the safety standards:

Directive for Machinery Safety 2006/42/CE
DIN 56921-11
DIN 4113-2

Guaranteeing maximum safety and durability, complying with the light-weight, sturdiness and manoeuvrability requirements needed to lift audio equipment. These features, together with its special stacking design, makes this lifting structure the perfect complement for temporary assemblies (indoor and outdoor use) in which reduced size for storing and transporting and easy assembly are essential.


Maximum Overall Height: 6.43 m
Maximum Working Height: 6.25 m
Maximum Load: 500 kg
PA System lifted by: 2000 kg Chain hoist (Included)
Tower Structure lifted by: Auto Brake Winch: AL-KO OPTIMA 901 (Included)
Mast Sections – Stacking Truss: 500 x 500 mm (4 units. Lenght: 1500 mm)
Material: Aluminium (alloy 6082-T6) & Steel. BLACK Finish
Folded Height: 1.95 m (Compact Design)
Volume: 1.48 m2 (64 x 119 x 195 cm).
Everthing in 1 piece
Use: For OUTDOOR and Indoor use
Certified for outside use: According to: DIN EN 13814
Checked for wind speed up to: 8 Beaufort
Complies with Standards: DGUV 17 & 18, DGUV Rule 115-002 (Formerly BGV-C1)
DIN EN 17206 (Replaces DIN 56950-1), 2006/42/CE
Net Weight: 190 kg I 419 lb (All components included)
Interactive application: “TMD-545/N APC” (Included)


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