Guil TMQ-0,5/N

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0.5m Sturdy safety rail for GUIL stages, seated risers, ramps, etc. They come with a central crossbar and an integrated chair stop for added strength and safety. Each TMQ-0.5/N guardrail comes complete with all the connectors included.

Made in Aluminium: Our multipurpose guardrails are manufactured in reinforced aluminium (with internal nerves) with black powder coat finish. All the edges of the TMQ guardrails are rounded to prevent injuries to the audience and guarantees public safety and comfort at all times (there are no sharp edges).

The TMQ rails are the perfect option, as they are very durable and at the same time very light, no rusting, giving it a professional and stylish look.

Guardrails with integrated chair stop: All our TMQ versions have an integrated chair/wheel stop to prevent legs of chairs or wheels from sliding off the edge of the stage or from slipping between levels of tiered platforms.


Measures: 42 x 110 cm (width x height when it’s installed)
Chair Stop: Yes
Connector for safety rail to stage: 2 x ANQ Included
Connector for safety rail to safety rail TMU-06 included*
Net Weight: 3,50 kg
Colour: Black
Material: Aluminium


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