Guil TMU-01

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Profilanslutning för TM440, TM440XL & TM441 podier

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Deck to deck connector to join two platforms by their profiles. It can be used with our TM300, TM440, TM440XL, TM442XL, TM440XXL & TM441 Platforms.

The TMU-01 connect the decks placed at the same height and also guarantees that the stage floor is totally level.

Our profile / levelling connector is a very useful component as it guarantees that the platforms are held seamlessly together and are perfectly levelled.

The installation is very simple, the TMU-01 connector is inserted into the profile of the two platforms and is fixed by means of an Allen key in a fast and safe way, avoiding any gap between the modules.

It is an essential component for assemblies where legs are not going to be installed or where the height of the legs is too low to be able to use the leg connectors.

Note: One TMU-01 deck to deck connector included with each platform reference: TM440, TM440XL, TM440XXL, TM442XL & TM441.


Included with platforms: TM440, TM440XL, TM440XXL, TM442XL y TM441
Measures: 67 x 26 x 11 mm
Material: Metallic
Net Weight: 0,08 kg


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