Guil ULK-A4

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Adapter för att lyfta linearray system med ULK lyftar

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Professional adaptor to fly line array systems with ULK lifting towers with 60 mm forks. This practical adaptor with unique design, prevents the line array from having any twisting or side-to-side swinging movement. Line Array Adaptor Ref. ULK-A4 is secured to the ULK lifting tower using metallic ergonomic knobs.

For 60 x 60 mm forks: Designed to be used on front loading towers ref. ULK with 60 x 60 mm forks. It is suitable for references: ULK 400 (New 2022), ULK 500 (New 2022), ULK 700, ULK 600, ULK 600XL, ULK 650, ULK 650XL, ULK 800 and ULK 800XL.

Avoids side-to-side swinging movement: Its special and unique design greatly reduces any unwanted twisting or side-to-side swinging movement of the line array, making sure the sound is always directed where it is intended.

Protective metal plates: The part of the adaptor that the fork is inserted into has a strengthening/protective metal plate which has two functions:

– It makes it possible to exert a greater tightening force, given that more surface area is in contact with the fork.
– Avoids marking the forks when attaching and uninstalling the adaptor.

Our resistant and durable Line Array adapter ULK-A4 is an essential accessory to guarantee maximum safety when lifting sound equipment.


For forks: 60 x 60 mm
Suitable for Towers: Ref. ULK 400 (New 2022), ULK 500 (New 2022), ULK 700, ULK 600, ULK 600XL, ULK 650, ULK 650XL, ULK 800 and ULK 800XL
Colour: Black
Material: Steel
Net Weight: 4.5 kg


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