Guil ULK-A7

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Set med 4x adaptrar för att lyfta linearray system med ULK lyftar

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Adaptors to fly line array systems with ULK lifting towers with 50 x 50 mm forks. This set of 4 adaptors is suitable for references: ULK 400 PLUS and ULK 500 PLUS.

These practical adaptors guarantee a quick and secure flying of Line Array systems using ULK lifting towers.

The ULK-A7 Line Array adaptors are fitted in the following way:

1 Insert the adaptors on to the ULK tower forks.
2 Tighten the securing bolts of the adaptors until you achieve a perfect fit on the forks.
3 Once the adaptor is properly secured to the forks fit the Line Array system to them.
4 Raise the load directly from the ground or flight case, following the ULK tower instructions.

Our resistant and durable Line Array adapters ref. ULK-A7 are an essential accessory to guarantee maximum safety when lifting sound equipment. They are made in steel with rounded edges giving a smooth finish preventing damages or injuries (no sharp edges).


For forks: 50 x 50 mm
Suitable for Towers: Ref. ULK 400 PLUS and ULK 500 PLUS
Colour: Black
Material: Steel
Net Weight: 1.92 kg (0,48 Kg/unit)


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