Infinity SideKick

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Chimp OnPC Wing, ljusbord för PC versionen av Chimp

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  • Console for Chimp OnPC
  • Suitable for preparing your show at any location
  • Releases 2 universes (Art-Net and sACN)
  • USB powered
  • Lightweight

The Infinity SideKick is a Chimp OnPC console that allows you to quickly prepare your shows from anywhere. It has exactly the same intuitive controls as the Chimp itself.

The power runs via the USB-Cable, so no additional power adapter is required. This, in combination with its lightweight design, makes it extremely suitable for use in the train, car, at home or outside.

Two universes (Art-Net and sACN) are activated once you connect the SideKick to your OnPC software. You can then use this as input for your visualisation software. This makes the SideKick a perfect buddy for your Chimp light controller.


Control Mode: DMX, PC Software
DMX Channels: 1024
Faders: 14
OSC (Open Sound Control): Yes
sACN: Yes
Art-Net: Yes
SMPTE Timecode: Optional
Universes: 2

Power Supply: 5 VDC
Power Consumption: 2.5 W
Power Connector in: USB
Data Connector in: USB

Length (mm): 295 mm
Width (mm): 510 mm
Height (mm): 45 mm
Weight: 4.95 kg
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Housing: Metal
Colour: Black

Maximum Ambient Temperature: 40 °C
Minimum Ambient Temperature: 0 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature: 0 °C

Reference Standard: CE

Included Cables: None


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