Infinity TF-300 Fresnel 3200K

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LED Fresnell, Signature Series, 3200K, 300W

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  • Delivers the performance of 1 KW Tungsten Halogen unit with a consumption of 300 W
  • Zoomrange 15°–35°
  • Manual and motorised zoom control
  • Consistent colour temperature regardless of intensity output
  • 1, 3 and 5-channel modes

The Infinity Signature Series Theatre Fresnel is a state of the art high resolution theatrical luminaire. Offering the option of either manual or DMX focus to achieve a soft pool of light on stage. Using Lumiled LEDs to deliver a consistent and accurate 3200 K intensely bright output that can be seamlessly blended with other units to achieve smooth washes of light across the stage.
The Infinity Theatre Fresnel is your option for venues where you need the power normally found in a 1.2 KW tungsten fixture. Our 300 W warm white custom LED array delivers the power you need.
Our unique dimming software allows for perfect flickerfree crossfades or instant bumps and flashes. This together with lower power consumption make the Infinity Theatre Fresnel TF-300 the only luminaire you will need for washes where intensity is your critical issue.
When it comes to mechanical focusing all operations can be performed with one hand. The zoom focus mechanism is simple and intuitive, simply twist the focus knob. It is also possible to use DMX to adjust focus making this the perfect light for specials or for adjusting focus during a show.
Our optional four leaf rotating barndoor mean you can shape the light as you need.
Inserting and locking a colour frame in place is simple and intuitive.


LED Engine
Source: 300W Lumiled White LED engine using custom designed array.

Optical Information
Output: 5000lm
CRI: Consistently >96%
Colour Temperature: 3200K
Beam Angles: 15°-35°
Zoom: Manual and motorized

Electrical Specifications
Voltage: 100 -240 volts AC.
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power Factor: 0,97
Consumption :300W max

Environmental Specifications
Ambient Temp: 0°C ~40°C (operating) / -10°C ~45°C (startup)
IP Rating: IP 20 indoor use only
Conformity: CE Mark

Control Specifications
Control: Onboard Menu, RDM, DMX512
DMX Channels: Dimmer Mode, 1Ch
Basic Mode, 3Ch
Pro mode, 5Ch

Mechanical Specifications
Construction: Machined Aluminum, sheet metal, molded engineering grade plastics.
Colour: Black
Weight: 8,2Kg


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