Milos Compact Fly Tower

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Linearray lyft, 4,9m

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The PA Fly Tower was designed for live events that require a compact PA fly tower for small systems that can be used both indoor and outdoor.
Setup is easy. Only a few standard FQ truss components are needed to erect the tower and only 2 persons are required to accomplish this feature. Due to a height just under 5 meters, approvals by authorities are not necessary. The design allows for placement of base cabinets or amplifier racks on the top outriggers.


Footprint at setup: 2,4 x 1,95m
Max Load: 300 kg
Max front surface area of PA: 1,5m2
Max side surface area of PA: 1,0m2
Required ballast: 50kg
In service wind loading: 20m/s (45 mph)
Out of service as per DIN-EN-13814
Lifting operations: Manual or Electric Chain hoist (not included)
Base frame is V-shaped steel centerpiece wit set of 2 bespoke and 2 long MT2 outriggers
Head block equipped with double pulley system for safety chain or safety wire
Multiple attachment points on base for connection of hoists and safeties.


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