Milos MT-1 Tower 7,5m G-series

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Modulärt trosstorn, upp till 7,5m med manuell vinch SWL 1000kg

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  • Certified 48mm heavy-duty tube
  • Connection kit supplied with every truss length & junction
  • Fast connection for quick, simple and secure assembly
  • Great free-span & loading characteristics (up to 20m/65.61ft)
  • including Chainhoist ( manual ) and Chainbag

The versatile MT1 Tower is the professional’s choice for rigging projects within the entertainment and event industries. Your outdoor stages and concert stages will benefit from the use of the M1.

Compact, heavy-duty tower with 7.5m (24.60 ft) max height for rigging projects within the entertainment and event industries. For use independently or within MR1T and MR2 roof systems, as well as with LSG1, LSG2 and LSG3 LED screen support structures.


Depth (m): 2.876 m
Colour: Silver
Finish: Polish
Weight: 201 kg
Diameter Brace Tube: 16
Diameter Main Tube: 48 x 3
Depth (mm): 2876 mm
Width (m): 2.876 m
Width (mm): 2876 mm
Length (m): 7.5 m
Length (mm): 7500 mm
Truss Size: 290mm x 290mm
Truss Type: Tower
Compatibility: Eurotruss, Global truss
Reference Standard: BGV-C1, DGUV17 , DIN EN 13814, DIN EN 1991/Eurocode 1, DIN EN 1993/Eurocode 3, DIN EN 1999/Eurocode 9
Included Accessories: 1x Set Spigot, Pin, Spring


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