Novastar MSD-300

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Sender Card

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  • Cabinet config files saving and sending
  • 2x ethernet output port
  • DVI video Input port
  • Lightsensor interface port

The Novastar MSD-300 is a basic sending card which lets you operate your LED Screen which is equipped with the Nova control system.
The MSD-300 can be plugged in any PC with a free PCI slot. The latest edition of NovaStudio software can be downloaded at
With the MSD-300 setting up your LED screen becomes easy and simple. Furthermore the MSD-300 can play any content of your PC direct on the LED screen.


DVI Single Link: 1
Light Sensor Port: 1
Main Outputs: 2

Scaling Function: No
Control System: Novastar
Maximum Loading Capacity: 1300000
Maximum Input Resolution: Width and Height can be defined by users

Power Supply: 5 VDC
Power Consumption: 3
Data Connector out: RJ45

Weight: 0.1
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)


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