RCF IN 9000

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  • Up to 64 units connectable
  • 4 independent outputs lines
  • 2 monitored GPI (power supply and DXT 9000 fault)
  • 1 monitored GPO to communicate a console fault to DXT 9000
  • Power supply range 24V ÷ 48V
  • Fault reporting on front panel: power supply, audio output line, command output line, microphone
  • A dedicated output audio transformer OT 3500 can be installed on each output line.

IN 9000 EMERGENCY CONSOLE is designed to be interfaced with the evacuation system DXT9000, in order to provide an analog backup solution for emergency communications in case of interruption of the main digital connection RCFBUS. The console is equipped with a monitored FIREMAN microphone with PTT button. The PTT command is also implemented as dedicated button on the front panel, together with a VU-meter on the microphone signal and a ”on air” indication light.
IN 9000 can be powered by an external power supply EN54-4 providing at least 20W output power. Moreover, a monitored GPI is provided to report any power supply fault. The audio output can be distributed up to 64 DXT9000 units, and routed on 4 independent lines, selectable on console front panel.

EN54 certifikat

Cable: J-Type fire-rated
Connectors: Euroblock
Daisy-chain: Yes
Interlock: Yes
Max number in daisy-chain: 4
Console specifications
Console Type: Emergency
General call: Yes
LED indicators: Yes
Preamplified: Yes
Selective call: Yes
Working with: DXT 9000
Priority: Yes
Microphone specifications
Directivity: Omnidirectional
Frequency Responce (-3dB): 300 Hz ÷ 6000 kHz
Output impedance (Ohm): 500.00 ohm
Type: Dynamic
Physical specifications
Cabinet/Case Material: Metal
Power requirement
Operating voltage: 24.00V ~ Hz
Shipping informations
Package Depth: 360 mm / 14.17 inches
Package Height: 130 mm / 5.12 inches
Package Weight: 8.4 kg / 18.52 lbs
Package Width: 360 mm / 14.17 inches
Depth: 129 mm / 5.08 inches
Height: 360 mm / 14.17 inches
Weight: 7.6 kg / 16.76 lbs
Width: 360 mm / 14.17 inches
Standard compliance
CE marking: Yes
EN54-16 certified: Yes
CPR Number: 0068-CPR-002/2014


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