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Aktiv subwoofer 15″, 1000W

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The SUB 905-AS II active subwoofer is ideal for building powerful subwoofer satellite systems where compactness and high sound levels are required at the same time. The SUB 905-AS has the most advanced RCF woofer technology, coupled with a powerful 2200 W digital amplifier. It offers the perfect blend of bass reproduction, high SPL and compact dimensions for mobile use by bands or DJs.

2200 Watt Peak, 1100 Watt RMS digital amplifier
133 dB max spl
40 Hz – 120 Hz frequency response
15″ woofer, high power 3″ copper coil
Selectable gain, X-over and delay
Birch tour grade cabinet
Stereo XLR input, Stereo XLR signal output


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