Showgear Daily Case 7

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  • Watertight, and dust proof
  • O-ring seal to prevent water from getting inside
  • Air pressure release valve on front
  • Lightweight, tough and durable

These cases are designed for daily use in save guarding your equipment which needs some extra protection. The universal pluck foam makes it easy to customize the inside for your delicate equipment. Spring loaded latch prevents accidental opening of the case. Due to precise injection molding we created a very high impact resistant, lightweight, tough and durable case.


Height (mm): 155 mm
Width (mm): 280 mm
Depth (mm): 230 mm
Inner Height: 140 mm
Inner Width: 255 mm
Inner Depth: 185 mm
Weight: 1.15 kg
IP Rating: IP65
Material: Polypropeen
Colour: Black

Flightcase Application: Daily Case
Handles: Front
Handles Type: Briefcase
Pressure Equalization Valve: Yes
O-Ring Seal: Yes
Latch Type: Overlatch
Hinge Type: Fixed
Retractable Handle: No


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