Showgear DDS-02

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Portabel ljudabsorbent

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  • Affordable steady model
  • Adjustable mic to screen position
  • Lightweight

DDS-02 is an affordable and useful accessory for recording. This screen will effectively improve the sound of the acoustic space around the microphone and help to record a better dry signal. Even with a budget microphone it is possible to achieve professional recordings due to this acoustic screen. The frame can easily be mounted on the top of a microphone stand and with the included adapter you can fix any microphone clamp on it. It is possible to adjust the length between the microphone and the screen to achieve your desired sound.


Height (mm): 300 mm
Width (mm): 440 mm
Length (mm): 280 mm
Inner Width: 330 mm
Inner Depth: 210 mm
Material: Aluminum
Fabric: Foam
Fabric Thickness: 40 mm
Colour: Silver
Weight (kg): 1.8 kg
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Included Accessories: Mounting panel


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