Showgear Powerport 4

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Grendosa, Powerpro in > 4x Schucko

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  • 4 Schuko Outlets
  • Power Pro in and output
  • Metal case
  • IP20

The Powerport 4 Power Pro is a basic power strip in an IP20-rated metal housing. It has a blue fast-lock Power Pro input, a white fast-lock Power Pro output on the opposite side for daisy-chaining, both compatible with the leading brands, and offers four Schuko power outlets. Two M10 threaded holes can be used for the attachment of a clamp and a safety eyelet.


Rated Current (A): 16 A
Power Connector in: Power Pro Blue
Power Connector out: Power Pro Grey
Pins: 3

Height (mm): 75 mm
Length (mm): 321 mm
Width (mm): 77 mm
Weight: 1.1 kg
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Material: Metal
Colour: Black


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