Showgear PSA-125A4C

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Strömdistribution, 4 x MCB, CEE ut

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  • Digital voltage & amperage-monitoring per phase
  • 63 A C-type automatic fuses per output
  • 19″ Rack Mount

Bring safety on stage! Power is the most important chain for a successful show on any stage. Showtec developed, together with leading rental companies, the power distributors that will keep your power and equipment save. The PSA series give you real-time voltage and amperage information during your show. Now you can monitor your setup and make sure that the power is correctly distributed at all times.


Display: 7-segment, LED

Rated Current (A): 125 A
Power Connector in: CEE5P 125 A
Power Connector out: CEE5P 63 A
MCB Rated Current: 63 A
MCB Class: Class C
MCB Poles: 3
Pins: 5

Length (mm): 482 mm
Height (mm): 267 mm
Width (mm): 400 mm
Weight: 19.4 kg
Rack Units: 6 U
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Housing: Metal
Colour: Gray

Conductors: 5

Maximum Ambient Temperature: 35 °C
Minimum Ambient Temperature: -5 °C

Included Accessories: User Manual


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