Showgear RainCover 60cm

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The Showtec RainCover is the ideal and cost-effective solution to protect your valuable fixtures during outdoor events. More and more events and festivals are outdoor. However there are not many solutions to protect your equipment during outdoor use.
The Showtec RainCover is an easy and very effective solution to this problem. It contains a strong 60cm aluminum base which is equipped with 2 trigger clamps and a strong safety cable. Inside the RainCover, a strong 50mm tube is mounted in order to allow you to easily rig your fixture into the RainCover
The RainCover can be equipped with a 35cm, 60cm straight transparent sleeve or a 65cm cone shaped transparent sleeve.


Height (mm): 100 mm
Diameter: 600 mm
Weight: 5.8 kg
Maximum Load: 50 kg
Housing: Metal
Material: Aluminum
Colour: Black

Cable Outputs: 2

Mounting Options: Bracket


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