Showgear Rain Dome 60 Sleeve

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Transparent regnskydd för Movingheads upp till Ø 60 cm

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  • Suitable for Rain Dome 60
  • For <85 cm high moving heads with a <Ø 60 cm width
  • Protects against rainfall & moisture

This Showgear Cylindrical Sleeve is designed for the Showgear Rain Dome 60 and is suitable for moving heads with a diametre of up to 60 cm (23.6″) and and a height of up to 85 cm (33.5″). The transparent plastic cover protects standard moving heads from rainfall, making indoor moving heads safe to be used at outdoor locations.

The Cylindrical Sleeve for RD60 – 85 is suitable for the Infinity Furion S401, Furion S601, GLP Impression S350, GLP GT-1, JB Lighting Sparx30, P12 Profile, P18 Profile, Robe MegaPointe, Robe T1, Ayrton Ghibli and Martin MAC Viper Profile.


Height (mm): 890
Height Cover: 845
Diameter: 600
Weight: 0.5
Material: TPU
Colour: Transparent

Mounting Options: Velcro

Fire Retardant: Yes


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