Showgear Mammoth Speaker Stand

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  • Lightweight aluminium
  • Magnesium joint
  • Double leg reinforcement

Produced in Europe, these extremely robust stands have been designed for being on the road. Stable, heavy weight, easy to set up and handle; they can match the specifications of any leading brand. All used materials are an expression of the quality standards we have set for Mammoth Stands. These stands are available in different heights and also suitable for miking amps and drums.

Professional, lightweight, aluminium speaker stand with a magnesium joint and double leg reinforcements ensuring extra stability and increased maximum permissible load.


Width (mm): 1200
Minimum Height (mm): 1260
Maximum Height (mm): 2050
Material: Aluminum
Colour: Black
Weight: 3.45 kg
Maximum Load: 45 kg
Locking Type: Screw Knob
Footconstruction: Tube Legs with braces
Stand Application: Speaker
Folded Maximum Length: 1
Speaker Adapter Diameter: 35 mm


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