Showgear Table Monitor Stand Large

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Studiomonitorstativ i metall, justerbar höjd

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  • For speakers up to 23×25 cm (9″x9.8″)(WxD)
  • Seamless adjustable height up to 25.8 cm (10.2″)
  • Rubber pads for firm grip and cancels contact noise
  • Rotary knob for firm vibration-free locking
  • Maximum WLL: 15 kg

The Showgear Table Monitor Stand is a black modern monitor stand suitable for medium-size monitor speakers. The steel stand has a 23×25 cm speaker platform and can hold a weight of up to 15 kg. Besides, it has a stepless adjustable height up to 29.5 cm, which can contribute to achieving optimal sound quality. Four rubber pads at the bottom and on the tray will minimize contact noise and support a firm grip.


Height (mm): 156 mm
Width (mm): 283 mm
Length (mm): 295 mm
Minimum Height (mm): 156 mm
Maximum Height (mm): 258 mm
Material: Steel
Material Thickness: 4 mm
Colour: Black
Weight: 4.26 kg
Maximum Load: 15 kg
Locking Type: Screw Knob
Footconstruction: Flat Base
Stand Application: Desk Stand
Folded Maximum Length: 295 mm
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)


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