Showtec Case for Mistique

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Flightcase för Showtec Mistique, Premium line

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  • Holds Mistique CO₂ hazer, accessories and consumables
  • Pull-out tray for mounting a stage fan
  • 10 mm high-quality plywood construction
  • All Penn Elcom hardware
  • 100 mm castors with 400 kg load capacity

The Showtec Case for Mistique is a practical flight case for the Showtec Mistique CO₂ hazer and two 6 kg steel gas bottles. It has a sturdy pull-out tray for mounting a stage fan (for example the Antari AF-3E), a recessed area for a tour label, a hinged top lid and a cable entry with rubber protection. The case is 60 cm wide and constructed from strong 10 mm birch plywood laminated with a high quality thermoplastic laminate. Penn Elcom hardware is used throughout. The Showtec Case for Mistique is a premium flight case, perfect for professional use.


Height (mm): 965 mm
Width (mm): 600 mm
Depth (mm): 700 mm
Weight: 52 kg
Material: Plywood
Material Thickness: 10 mm
Colour: Black

Flightcase Application: Light Case
Handles: Front, Back, Left side, Right side
Handle Type: Recessed
Tour Label Space: Yes
Castors: 4
Castor Size: 100 mm
Castor Type: Swivel with brake + without brake
Latch Type: Butterfly
Latch Brand: Penn Elcom
Hinge Type: Fixed


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