Showtec CO2 3/8 Q-Lock 2-way splitter

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Slangsplittadapter för CO2-system

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Quick and safe connection
Closed system
Saves CO₂ Gas
Combine multiple bottles and hoses in one closed setup

The Q-Lock 2-way splitter makes it possible to use 2 guns or FX Ice Jets with one bottle. It is recommended is that both lengths from splitter to Jet or Gun are equal in order to have the same power for both jets.

The Showtec CO2 Q-Lock system is a complete range of products to create a fast and safe way to build all kinds of CO2 setups. It can be applied for both rental and fixed installations. The Q-Lock products are all are equipped with male and female quick lock couplers. They all haQ-Lockve back pressure valves to guarantee a closed and save system at all times . The Co2 Q-Lock range consist of hoses, splitters combiners a distributor and adapters. With the splitters combiners it is possible to integrate multiple shooters, FX Ice Jets or multiple bottles in one system. The adapters are used to upgrade the Showtec CO2 Ice Gun, FX Ice Jets or hoses with thread for the Q-Lock hoses.

Note: If you use Q-Lock products always make sure that your Ice Gun’s and Ice Jets are prepared with CO2 3/8 Q-Lock female adapters.


Length (mm): 155 mm
Height (mm): 35 mm
Width (mm): 135 mm
Weight: 0.73 kg
Material: Metal
Colour: Silver

Gas Connection: Quick-Lock
Gas Type: CO₂

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