Showtec FX Blaster XL

28 450 kr

Konfetti kanon för stora event, elektrisk

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  • Four output angles
  • CO₂ Powered unit
  • Including flight case
  • Including CO₂ connection-kit

For big concerts, stadiums and festivals you need special FX equipment which perform in a big way. The Showtec FX Blaster is the designated tool for the job. With an awesome combined output of 25 mtr with CO2 and confetti, a capacity of 15kg of confetti per minute or even 20kg per 90 seconds, the FX Blaster is a magnificent eye-catcher which cannot be overlooked. Easy to handle, can be placed anywhere because no additional power is required to control it and with 4 different output angles you can direct the massive output where the action is.


FX Capacity (kg): 10 kg
Length (mm): 660 mm
Height (mm): 1350 mm
Width (mm): 380 mm
Weight: 56 kg
Housing: Metal
Colour: Black

Gas Type: CO₂

Included Accessories: Flightcase, User Manual


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