Showtec FX Ice Jet MKII

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CO2 kanon

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  • CO₂ jet special effect
  • Suitable for vibrant venues
  • Easy to install on stage (base plate) or to a truss (clamp)
  • Can be rotated in any direction
  • Handy firing system (DMX switch)

Showtec – also for great show effects! The Showtec FX Ice Jet MKII is a CO2 shooter which creates beautiful clouds of thick but quickly dissipating smoke in a true festival style. The FX Ice Jet only requires a CO2 bottle with dip-pipe to work and can be controlled remotely either by a relay pack or via a DMX switch.


Power Supply: 220V-240 VAC 50 Hz
Power Consumption: 20 W
Power Connector in: powerCON Blue
Power Connector out: powerCON Grey
Cable Length: 1.5 m

Gas Consumption / sec: 0.5 kg/s
Length (mm): 195 mm
Height (mm): 244 mm
Width (mm): 125 mm
Weight: 2.9 kg
Housing: Metal, Plastic
Colour: Black

Gas Connection: Quick-Lock
Gas Type: CO₂

Mounting Options: Baseplate, Clamp

Included Cables: powerCON cable


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