Showtec Illumisphere 50

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LED boll, 50cm RGBW

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  • High Output LED Sphere
  • RGBW LED Source
  • DMX Control
  • O LED Display

The Showtec Illumisphere, available as 30cm (41122) and 50cm version (41123), is a very bright RGBW LEDsphere. It can operate stand-alone by using one of the available auto programs. You can also create your own personal atmosphere by setting the right colour through DMX (connection through 3P XLR). Each Illumisphere is equipped with a dedicated hanging eye through which the unit can be attached and secured in a static position. A certified safety-cable with a SWL of 5kg is all you need. You can add the Illumispheres as static eye catchers in any Showtec Illumilift setup because both systems have the same DMX LED personality.

Important: please note that the Illumispheres are not to be used as spares or replacements for the Illumilift RGBW or RGBW Turbo. For this, please use 41167 Illumilift RGBW 25cm Sphere or 41168 Illumilift RGBW 35cm Sphere.

The Illumisphere series are stylish LED shapes suitable for event decorations, trade shows, corporate events and so on. They are the right tool to create a magical and cozy atmosphere to your event
The Illumispheres are equipped with bright RGBW LED’s ensuring powerful and rich colours. Setup is done easy by the OLED screen. For safe mounting an hanging eye is equipped.


Connection Power: Schuko
Refresh Rate: >1000 Hz
LED light Source: RGBW
Cable Length: 0.85 m
Light Source: 462x SMD RGBW LED
Control Mode: DMX, Auto, Sound, Master / Slave
Diameter: 500 mm
DMX channels: 1, 4, 6, 8
Weight: 3.6 kg
Power Consumption: 100 W
Connection DMX: XLR 3p In/Out


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