Showtec LED-Foot 4 (REA)

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DMX fotkontroller, 4 kanaler för LED Par-kannor
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  • Can be used with any LED Parcan
  • Patchable
  • Music control
  • Foot control

The LED-Foot 4 is another innovative LED controller designed and developed by Showtec. It offers you total control to 4 groups of LED Parcans. Due to the fact that all channels are patchable, the LED-Foot can work with any LED fixture in the market. Programming of programs is easy and simple. Once the LED Foot is patched and programmed it can be controlled easily by your feet. Scene selection, Chases selection, Function it all can be controlled by your foot.
The LED-Foot 4 is the ideal solution for musicians who do not have their hands free to control their lighting.


Power supply: DC 12V- 500mA
Power consumption: 20 Watt
Power connector: Adapter (included)
Chases: 12 with 24 steps
Scenes: 24 blackout scene
Fixtures: 4
DMX-512: XLR 3 pole
Dimensions: 360 x 183 x 69 mm (W x D x H)
Weight: 1,5 kg


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