Showtec Mistique

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CO2 Hazer

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  • Very even and thin haze ensures no visible cloudy effect on stage
  • Customizable output direction gives extra flexibility
  • Extreme silent operation due to CO2supply
  • Output and fan speed remote controllable by DMX and W-DMX
  • Fast and easy setup with Q-lock CO2 hose system

The best special FX are the ones which are almost invisible but in the meantime create the perfect mood for your event. Presenting the Showtec Mistique CO2 Hazer. This hazer produces an extremely fine haze due to the combination of low pressurised CO2 and a high quality oil-based Mistique dedicated Hazer-liquid. The corresponding smoke particles of the Mistique are so fine that they don’t cloud the stage, leave no residue on equipment or on stage, do not interfere with lighting plans and have a long-lasting effect. For TV-applications especially the Showtec Mistique CO2 Hazer embodies the perfect solution to many challenges. It produces a haze without disturbing any filming going on. The units are extremely silent because there is no pump to generate any kind of noise. The pressure of the CO2 is enough to create the desired effect on stage. Another advantage of the fine haze is its complete transparency. Only its effect is visible without adding any kind of unwanted colour to the stage. Showtec did call the hazer “Mistique” for a reason and seeing is believing.

Note: Do not fill the fluid tank more than 75 %. Be careful not to exceed the maximum fluid level, this can lead to pressure errors or damage the device.


Power Supply: 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption: 1250 W
Power Connector in: powerCON TRUE1
Power Connector out: powerCON TRUE1
DMX Connector: XLR 3P In/Out, XLR 5P In/Out
DMX Connector in: XLR 3P, XLR 5P
DMX Connector out: XLR 3P, XLR 5P
Cable Length: 1.5 m
Warm-up Time: 6 min

Output Capacity: 140 m³/min
Output Direction: Up
Housing: Metal
Colour: Black
Fluid Consumption: 120 ml/min
Fluid Tank Capacity: 2.5 L
Gas Consumption/hour: 0.36 kg/h
Gas Pressure Minimum: 3.4 bar
Gas Pressure Maximum: 4.1 bar
Length (mm): 503 mm
Height (mm): 310 mm
Width (mm): 334 mm
Weight: 17 kg
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)

Control Mode: DMX, Manual, Timer
DMX Channels: 1, 3, 5
Wireless: Wireless DMX
Display: Touch

Gas Connection: Quick-Lock
Gas Type: CO₂, N₂

Maximum Ambient Temperature: 45 °C
Minimum Ambient Temperature: 5 °C

Included Cables: powerCON TRUE1 cable


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