Showtec Polar 100 Beam

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LED Movinghead, IP65-klassad 100W Beam

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  • Powerful 100 W LED Beam Moving Head
  • Highly focused 1.7° beam angle
  • 8 bi-rotating gobos + open & 9 colours + white
  • IP65 (dust and water resistant, fit for outdoor use)
  • Motorised focus

The Showtec Polar 100 Beam is a powerful and fully featured, yet compact and lightweight 100 watt LED Beam Moving Head with razor-sharp 1.7° beam angle, suitable for both in- and outdoor applications. Its 5-facet circular and 24-facet linear prism with adjustable rotation speed splits the beam to cover a larger area. By using its bi-rotating 8 gobos + open and 9 dichroic colours + white, including rainbow-flow effect, you can easily create nice optical effects. Each function and effect, like its dimmer and strobe function and linear focus, can be controlled via DMX, Art-net, RDM, sACN and W-DMX (wireless).


Light Source Type: LED
Light Source Quantity: 1
Light Source Power: 100 W
Refresh Rate (min): 1200 Hz
Refresh Rate (max): 25 kHz
Lux @ 2m: 991823 lx
Lux @ 3m: 440810 lx
Lux @ 5m: 170000 lx
Lumen Total: 4337 lm
CRI: 75
CCT: 8500 K

Beam Angle Circular (max): 1°
Focus: Motorised

Control Mode: Built-in Program, DMX, Manual
DMX Channels: 13, 16, 19
Protocols: Art-Net, DMX, RDM, sACN
Wireless: Wireless DMX
Display: OLED, Touch
Dim Curve: Linear, Square, I-Square, S-Curve
Dimmer Resolution: 16 bit
Focus Resolution: 16 bit
Colour Wheel Resolution: 16 bit

Dimmer: 0-100 %
Strobe: 0-25 Hz
Prism 1: 24-facet, Circular
Prism 2: 5-facet, Linear
Prism Overlay: Yes
Prism Index & Rotate: Yes
Colour System: Colour Wheel
Dichroic Colour Wheel 1: 9 + Open
Gobo Wheel Index & Rotate: Yes
Gobo Wheel 1: 8 + Open

Pan: 540°
Tilt: 220°
Pan/Tilt Resolution: 16-bit

Power Supply: 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption: 180 W
Fuse: 6.3 A
Power Connector in: Power Pro True
Power Connector out: Power Pro True
DMX Connector: XLR 5P In/Out
DMX Connector in: XLR 5P
DMX Connector out: XLR 5P
Data Connector in: RJ45
Data Connector out: RJ45

Length (mm): 482 mm
Width (mm): 410 mm
Height (mm): 295 mm
Weight: 19.52 kg
IP Rating: IP65
Housing: Aluminum die-cast
Colour: Black

Cooling: Convection

Mounting Options: Quick-Lock
Safety Attachment: Yes

Maximum Ambient Temperature: 40 °C
Maximum Surface Temperature: 70 °C
Minimum distance till objects: 1.3 m

Included Cables: powerCON TRUE1 cable
Included Rigging: Quick-Lock Bracket


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