Soundcraft Signature 10

4 560 kr

Mixerbord, 6/2 kanaler, med inbyggd Lexicon EFX

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The Signature 10 is a high-performance 10-input small format analogue mixers with onboard effects. It features smooth, premium-quality faders with GB® Series audio routing with flexible pre/post switching on each Aus, and subgroups with powerful routing and switching options as well as dedicated outputs. The console is built using tour-grade robust metal construction and top-quality components and have an internal universal power supply.

– High-Performance 10-input small format analogue mixers with onboard effects
– Iconic Soundcraft® Ghost mic preamps with ultra-low noise performance
– Renowned Soundcraft® Sapphyre British EQ with sweepable mid-bands per channel
– Lexicon® Effects Engine featuring award-winning Reverbs, Delays, Choruses and Modulations
– dbx® Limiters (High-ratio Compressors) on input channels
– 2-in/2-out USB audio playback and recording
– Switchable Hi-Z inputs for guitars, basses and other instruments
– Hi-Pass Filters (low-cut) and 48V Phantom Power on all mic channels
– Comprehensive Soundcraft® GB Series audio routing
– Smooth premium-quality faders
– Robust metal construction for tour-grade build quality and reliability
– Internal universal power supply


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