Showtec Starforce

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LED Ljuseffekt, Moonflower, 10W 4-in1 RGBW

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The Showtec Starforce is a new generation moonflower with a high power LED light source. Just one 10W 4-in-1 RGBW LED chip will take care of a powerful burst of beams that will take you into a colorful tunnel of light. The Showtec Starforce is just like many other Showtec light effects equipped with IMC. IMC stands for Intelligent Music Control, this is a special sound-to-light module that reacts to your music like a real light-jockey. If you are playing easy-listening music, nice slow programs will be selected. If you are playing party music the IMC will select uplifting programs and different strobe patterns to entertain your audience. Auto, sound to light, Master/slave and DMX setups can easily be set by the menu with 4-digit display. The menu display can be mirrored and shut down after you make your settings. This new generation moonflower has all the options that you need.

Power Input: 100-230V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 36W
Light Source: 1 x 10W 4-in1 RGBW Chip
Control: Auto, Sound, Custom,
Master/Slave, DMX
DMX Channels: 4
Control Display: 4 Digits LED
Power Connector: IEC In/Out
Data Connector: In/Out (XLR 3 Pin)
Dimensions: 247 x 195 x 170 mm
(excl. bracket)
Weight: 2,8 kg
Optional Accessories: IEC cables,
90465, 90466, 90446
Easy Preset Controller:


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