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Video/Audio Distributions förstärkare

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The VDA-15 is designed for AV-studio or multimedia use where high quality is required for distributing signals over longer distances. Outputs are independent from each other. This way, overloading or even shorting one output will have no influence on the other outputs performance.

When combining 3 units, audio can be distributed in 5.1 surround while video can be distributed in RGV of YUV thus enabling the highest AV-quality available.

• Video and audio distribution amplifier
• 1 input, 1 loop output – 5 outputs


Video distribution amplifier: 1 in: 1 loop: 5 out
Input Impedance: High-Z / 75 Ohm switchable
Coupling: AC / DC switchable
Connector: BNC
Video gain: adjustable
Bandwidth: -3 dB at 300 MHz

Audio distribution amplifier: 1 in: 1 loop: 5 out
Gain: adjustable
Connector: RCA/Cinch
S/N ratio: >80 dB

Power supply: 230 VAC /- 10%
Dimensions: 483 x 200 x 45 mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 2,8 kg


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