Wentex Deko-molton 1,0 x 60m

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Moltontyg på rulle, 1,0 m (W), 60 m, svart

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Deko-molton, very well suited to complement any stage setup where a skirt is needed, where a curtain is wanted during events to accentuate an area or simply cover up cable-work or it can be used as a temporary backdrop. The applications are endless and working with the deko-molton is easy. Each roll comes complete with three additional double sided tapes (length 20mtr). Available in 5 standard stage heights: 20cm , 40cm, 60cm, 80cm or 100cm. Length of each roll is 60mtr and the cloth is fire retardant according to DIN4102/B1 regulations.


Length (m): 60 m
Width (m): 1 m
Weight Fabric: 160 g/m²
Fabric: Molton
Colour: Black

Washable: No

Included Accessories: Double Sided Tape

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Djup blå, Ljusgrå, Marin blå, Mörkgrå, Röd, Svart


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