Showgear Backdrop Black 6 x 9m

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Färdigsydd backdrop, 6 m (W) – 9 m (H)

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  • 320 g/m²
  • GRS Certificate – 64% recycled cotton
  • Fire retardant

A black backdop on your stage is a necessity if you have to cover up what’s behind the stage or prevent unwanted light from falling onto the stage in for example outdoor situations. Our black Backdrop is made from heavy (320 g/m²) , non-reflecting, fire-retardant fabric, which provides a deep black background for your stage.
Our backdrops carry the GRS certificate and are made with 64% recycled cotton. On top of that, they carry the German Oekotex Standard 100 certificate and Grüne Knopf label.
Available in several sizes.


Height (m): 9 m
Width (m): 6 m
Fabric: Molton
Weight Fabric: 320 g/m²
Colour: Black

Washable: No
Eyelets: 25
Eyelets Distance (center to center): 270 mm

Mounting Options: Eyelets

Included Accessories: Shockcords (Quantity depends on amount eyelets)


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