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Trådlös beltpack sändare

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  • 4-pin mini XLR connector
  • Phantom power supply for condenser microphones
  • Suitable for laveliers, headsets and instruments
  • 614–638 MHz, suitable for DAP ER-1193B receiver
  • 193 selectable frequencies

The DAP EP-193B is a microphone belt pack sender suitable in combination with the ER-1193B wireless microphone receiver. Its frequency range of 614–638 MHz can be used without problems in almost any European country and you can choose from 193 frequency presets.

The EP-193B has a 4-pin mini XLR connector with 5 V phantom power. This enables you to connect either a condenser or dynamic device such as a lavelier, headset or guitar. Besides, it is equipped with an ON/OFF switch, display and secure gaining option.

During a show you won’t have to worry much for dropouts or lack of power. Two full AA batteries will last for several hours depending on its quality and can quickly be replaced by new ones. The EP-193B belt pack sender can be attached easily to clothes and comes with a storage case and screwdriver.


Wireless Audio Frequency Start: 614 MHz
Wireless Audio Frequency End: 638 MHz
Wireless Stability: 0.005%
RF Power: 10 mW
Frequency Deviation: 48 ± kHz
Spurious Rejection: 60 <- dBC
RF Bandwidth: 24 MHz

Frequency Response Minimum: 50 Hz
Frequency Response Maximum: 16000 Hz
Phantom Power: 5 V

Mono Input Connector: 4-pin mini XLR
Mono Inputs: 1

Battery Type: AA
Battery Voltage: 1.5 V

Channels: 193

Display: LCD

Transmitter Type: Beltpack

Height (mm): 170 mm
Width (mm): 25 mm
Length (mm): 71 mm
Height Transmitter (mm): 170 mm
Width Transmitter (mm): 25 mm
Length Transmitter (mm): 71 mm
Housing: Plastic
Weight (kg): 0.162 kg
Colour: Black
Included Accessories: Box


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