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Adapter för att ansluta Shure kapsel till DAP Edge trådlös sändare

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DAP’s Edge-series wireless microphones consists of a handheld system and a beltpack system. The UHF True Diversity receiver is not only equipped with a clear full colour LCD-screen with which operating the system becomes very easy. The great advantage of this system is the Scan-feature. With this feature the Edge receiver shows exactly which frequencies are not occupied. This gives the user the possibility to choose the right frequency without having to worry about any interference. The handheld unit holds a cardioid condenser microphone and both the handheld ánd the beltpack are equipped with an OLED-display. The Edge-series is completed with a dedicated ED-1 antenna distributor and optionally a set of 2 EUA-1 unidirectional antennas. The Edge handheld and the beltpack are available as additional accessories as well.

The EHM-AS1 adaptor ring will convert the EDGE EHM-1 handheld transmitter into a Shure compatible handheld. It is simply screwed in place of the standard capsule, and then you could mount any standard Shure capsule on this ring.



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