DAP ODIN PM-01 Polemount Adapter

895 kr

Stativadapter till Odin Line-array system

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  • 35 mm pole mount adapter
  • Suitable for 2x Odin T-8A Satellite
  • M8 thread
  • Supports a safe installation of up to 2 units

The DAP Odin PM-01 is a 35 mm Pole Mount Adapter and can be used to place Odin T-8A Satellite Speakers on a speaker tripod or distance pole. This allows you to put speakers to the correct height and to create distance from the subwoofers. It can handle up to two units.


Height (mm): 110 mm
Width (mm): 290 mm
Length (mm): 240 mm
Weight (kg): 2.2 kg
Material: Steel
Colour: Black
Finish: Powder Coating
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)

Pole Mount: 35 mm
Thread: M8

Included Accessories: None


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