DAP Qi-4200

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4-kanals installationsförstärkare, 4x 200W / 120W @ 4 / 8 ohm

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The Qi-amplifier range is developed for installation use to create a perfect match with the Xi installation speaker range. Due to the rugged steel housing it can also be applied for mobile use. With only 1U it gives power for 4 channels. All 4 channels are individual controllable and bridge mode can be set for each stereo pair. With the SMPS and Class-D amplification it is a light weight solution with a high efficiency power consumption / power output ratio. An advanced protection circuit will protect the amplifier and it’s connected speakers. It has a short circuit/ thermal, DC ,RF protection and a soft start system. The Qi-amplifiers are made with high-quality low deviation components to ensure a perfect sound quality and a long life time.

Output power
Stereo 4Ohm: 4x 200W
Stereo 8Ohm: 4x 120W
Bridge 8Ohm: 2x 400W
S/N Ratio: >90dB
Input sensitivity: 0,65V
Input impedance: 20kOhm Bal./10Kohm unbal.
Technology: Class-D
Protection: short circuit, DC, RF, Soft start
Cooling: Temp controlled fan
Power supply: SMPS

Input: 4x XLR
Output: 4x Speaker connector
Power: IEC

Dimensions: 388 x 435 x 44 (WxHxD)
Installation depth: 370 (excl. conn.)
Weight: 5.8Kg

Input Voltage: 100~240VAC…50/60Hz
Power consumption: 500W


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