DAP Rain/Transport cover for 2x Odin S-18A

3 895 kr

Regn/Transportskydd till 2x S-18A

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Rain/transportcover for 2 stacked Odin S-18A units with 8 cut-out gaps for easy access to the handles. The frontside of the cover can be opened via velcro. On the backside there are 4 flaps for easy access to the connectors. On top of the cover 4 slots can be found to be able to connect the enclosure to the frame


Height (mm): 1285 mm
Width (mm): 672 mm
Length (mm): 735 mm
Weight (kg): 6 kg
Fabric: Nylon
Fabric Thickness: 8 mm
Colour: Black
Mounting Options: Velcro


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