Dateq SPL-6

32 395 kr

Ljudnivåvakt / limiter med tid-inställning, loggning och mikrofon

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Enthusiastic audience is of course what every business owner wants to see. However, this should not be at the expense of the music. The SPL6 has been fitted with correlation detection. The detection compares the original music and the measurement from the microphone. Noisy public will not effect the operation of the limiter.

Besides the regular dB (A) standard the SPL6 also takes into account low frequencies in dB (C) and overshoots dB peak within the music. The exclusive 10 bands octave limiter allows the reduction of single frequency bands. Also the average sound pressure (Leq) is being calculated over different periods and weightings (Leq and LAeq LCeq). This makes the SPL6 very useful for live events.

User friendly
– Simple installation
– Clear settings
– 3 adjustable timeslots
– Year calender
– User friendly interface
– Network connection
– Tablet or computer readout
– Automatic reports
– No driver or software installation
– Solid casing

High quality design
– dB(A), dB(C) and dB-peak
– LAeq en LCeq with adjustable time
– Linear limiting
– 10 band limiting
– 10 band EQ
– According IEC61672-1
– Measurement microphone
– Fraud detection
– 365 day logging
– External linkable display


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