DMX Creator 512MK2 [REA]

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Ljusstyrning, PC programvara med interface
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PC-DMX Interface
512 DMX channels out, 512 DMX channels in
Stand alone mode with PS-2 keyboard remote!
Printer port interface (bidirectional)
Graphical Windows 95,98,ME,2000,NT,XP software

Below are some of its features:
Stand alone mode for applications such as: entertainment, exhibition, display, architectural lighting temporary or permanent applications.
The created show can be downloaded directly from the PC-software into the Flash memory of the interface.

The Flash memory is capable to save up to 40 sequences including totally 8000 scenes.

The speed of the downloaded show can be controlled trough audio trigger (built in microphone), preprogrammed time track or manual tap.
The optional PS-2 keyboard enables the user to select sequences, change speed, blackout, play/stop and favourite scene.

The DMXCreator512MK2 set includes:
DMX512-Interface box, centronics cable, DMXCreator software and panels on CD, power supply (power supply is shipped in Switzerland and Germany only)

Technical specs of the necessary power supply:
Supply type:AC or DC Voltage: 9 to 12 V Max. current: 250mA


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