Guil ABZ-00/N

110 kr

Clamp, med bult & vingmutter, till Ø 50 mm rör (aluminium). SWL75 kg, svart

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Light-weight aluminium clamp coupler for loads up to 100 kg. It comes with bolt and wing nut to secure spotlights, electronic devices, etc. For use on trusses / tubes with an external diameter from 48 mm to 51 mm.

Practical multi-purpose coupler that is used in numerous fields: entertainment industry, theatre, construction, etc. It combines strength and durability with a high level of safety, which makes it perfect for jobs that require a reliable light-weight coupler.

Our coupler ref. ABZ-00/N can be used for other functions, just substituting the bolt and wing nut for an eye nut or a second clamp (converting it into a swivel coupler).


Maximum Load: 100 kg
For tube diameters: 50 mm
Width: 30 mm
Fixings: M10 x 30 with wing nut and washer
Material: Aluminium
Colour: Black
Net Weight: 0.15 kg


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