Guil ABZ-02

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Aluminium stabiliser coupler ideal for the placement of braces (supporting strut). It is designed to be used on tubes with an external diameter from 45 to 52 mm. It has a double blocking system with nut and wing nut.

Our ABZ-02 stabiliser coupler allows articulation between two tubes. It is to be used with a counter part of up to 20 mm thick. Note: We also manufacture this coupler with the plug adaptor included, it corresponds to the reference ABZ-23.

This multi-purpose stabiliser coupler is used in various fields: entertainment industry, construction, etc. It combines strength and durability with a high level of safety thanks to its 50 mm thickness.


Maximum Load: 250 kg
For tube diameters: 45 to 52 mm
Width: 50 mm
Fixings: Ø 11 mm hole
Material: Aluminium
Colour: Aluminium
Net Weight 0,55 kg


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