Guil ABZ-16

670 kr

Hakfäste med ø 29 mm sockel. Passar till 25-70 mm rör

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Aluminium TV hook clamp with a receiver of Ø 29 mm, for spigots of 18 mm to 30 mm (pressure screw: M10 x 30).

ABZ-16 Pipe clamp is the perfect accessory for the TV, Film and Theatre industries. It combines strength and durability with a high level of safety.

Its special design, allows this sturdy clamp to be fitted onto both square tubes of 20×20 mm to 70×70 mm and round tubes from 18 mm to 80 mm.

The bottom socket has three fixtures to secure the spigot. The hook has a handy hole to secure a safety sling.

Made with injection moulded aluminium with a special black anti-scratch paint finish.


Maximum Load: 300 kg
For square tubes: 20×20 mm ato 70×70 mm
For round tubes: Ø 18 to 80 mm
Measures: 48 x 240 mm
Socket: Ø 29 mm
Screw Plug: M14 x 115
Material: Aluminium
Colour: Black
Net Weight: 1,13 kg


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