Guil ABZ-56

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Fäste för att kunna hänga armaturer i tältkonstruktioner

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Marquee beam clamp with an aluminium coupler to attach truss or tubes to the marquee structure. This stainless steel clamp allows you to hang trusses from the ceiling with no need for stands, keeping the surface of the marquee totally free.

Marquees are a perfect option for any kind of event, providing a tailored space for guests, visitors and caterers. The problem arrives when professionals want to hang sound, lighting, banners or any other kind of decorative accessories without having to use floor stands. At GUIL we have designed two models of adjustable clamps specifically for tents, which are hooked on to marquee structures, allowing the placement of devices directly on the marquee beams, leaving the entire surface of the marquee available for the event.

The clamp ref. ABZ-56 is designed to hang tubes and/or trusses in the marquees in an easy, fast and safe way. With our clamps for marquees you can install trusses or tubes at any part of the marquee to hang lights, moving heads, speakers, advertising banners, etc.

This practical hook adaptor for marquees has an adjustable design so that it can be perfectly attached to marquee beam of 80 to 110 mm wide. The beam clamp comes with an aluminium coupler (ref. ABZ-29) designed for a safe attachment of tubes or truss with an external diameter from 45 mm to 52 mm.

Our marquee beam clamps have been specially designed to fulfil the needs of the Marquee Industry. GUIL clamp combines strength and durability with a high level of safety, making it the perfect accessory for marquee set-ups.


Maximum Load: 50 kg
Maximum Load: 80 – 110 mm
Coupler for tube diameters: 45 to 52 mm
Material: Clamp: Stainless Steel / Coupler: Aluminium
Net Weight: 0,84 kg


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