Guil ADT-01

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Trossadapter för stående paralleltross

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Adjustable truss adaptor with a Ø 35 mm insertion shaft ending, designed to be used for parallel trusses.

Adjustable: Thanks to its adjustable design, one adaptor can be used with different size trusses. Designed for parallel trusses of from 15 to 30 cm. The sliding clamp can be adjusted to tightly secure the truss, preventing any movement (using an ergonomic knob).

Articulated: As it is very difficult to raise two or more towers at exactly the same rate, the unique articulated design of this adaptor, prevents damages to the tower or the truss when raising a structure with multiple towers.

The ladder truss adaptor ref. ADT-01 is manufactured in steel with rounded edges giving a smooth finish preventing damages or injuries (no sharp edges).


For Trusses: From 15 to 30 cm
Ending: Ø 35 mm shaft
Suitable for Towers: ELC-720, ELC-730, ELC-740, ELC-750 & ELC-760
Color: Black
Material: Steel
Net Weight: 2.25 kg


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