Guil ALT-16/G

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Rörfäste för högtalare med clamp för 50mm rör och teleskoparm

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Comes with an aluminium coupler (with black finish) to attach the bracket to Ø 45-52 mm tubes.

Heavy-duty speaker mount bracket with a coupler to attach to truss. Its high load capacity (50 kg) makes it the perfect option for active and passive speakers.

This professional bracket comes with an aluminium coupler painted in black (ref. ABZ-29/N) for a safe attachment to truss / tubes of from Ø 45 mm to 52 mm. It is the perfect solution for assemblies where you cannot fix the bracket on the wall or you do not want to use a conventional tripod because of the space it occupies.

Our reinforced speaker bracket is fully articulated for a perfect speaker positioning:
– Its telescopic arm gives a distance from wall to speaker of between 28,5 cm and 41.5 cm. .
– Swivelling arm (180º, left to right) to move the speaker closer or further away from the wall as needed for an easier (multiple positions).
– Angle adjustable insertion tube. It has two angle positions: 90º and 101º (being a perfect mount for installations that are more than 2m high)

The speaker wall bracket ref. ALT-16/G is an indispensable accessory for heavy installations that also require an exceptional adaptability. It is fully articulated to achieve an optimal speaker position. If desired, the coupler can be removed to fix it to the wall. The mounting plate has six anchor points and we supply it with the wall mounting hardware (for 4 points).

The ALT-16/G heavy-duty speaker bracket is made in steel and finished with black, anti-scratch paint which guarantees maximum resistance and durability.


Maximum Load: 50 kg
Insertion Tube: Ø 35 mm
Distance from the wall: 28.5 cm – 41.5 cm (Adjustable)
Net Weight: 2.50 kg
Colour: Black
Material: Steel & Aluminium


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