Guil AT-12

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Orkesternotställ med metallskiva med 2 hyllor

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Quality orchestra music stand, adjustable in height, with metallic desk with one-handed angle adjustment.

For its great durability, it is the perfect music stand for orchestras, bands and musicians that need a professional music stand that combines an elegant design with stability, resistance and durability and also for music conservatories & schools where they are passed from person to person and have a frequent use.

It also has an innovative desk angle control system: when it is moved into the desired position it maintains this position without the need of pressure knobs. Its desk has 2 shelves to put your things on (baton, pen, mobile etc.).

The height of the music stand is adjustable using its pressure knob system. It is manufactured in steel and finished with a textured, black, anti-scratch paint.

Its folding base section is manufactured in 22 mm tubing and put together with M6 screws, guaranteeing maximum stability and durability. Its legs have rubber feet that guarantee a perfect grip to the floor as well as being non-marking..

GUIL has developed a trolley for easy handling and manoeuvrability of our music stands. This trolley (ref. CRO-02) has a capacity of up to 15 units. It has a special design that lets it to rotate on its own axis (360º), allowing to be turned around in small spaces and making it easily manoeuvrable for a single person.


Height: 105 cm – 168 cm (Adjustable)
Desk Dimensions: 47 x 35 x 5.5 cm
Footprint: Ø 76 cm
Net Weight: 4.3 kg
Colour: Black
Material: Steel


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