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Heavy-duty trolley to transport and store music stands and protection screens, even in small spaces. Ideal to use in music conservatories, music halls, theatres, schools, academies, etc.

It has a special and UNIQUE design that permits its management by a single person, offering great mobility even in small spaces. It is fitted with 5 wheels: three swivel wheels, two of them with brakes (Ø 100 mm) and two Ø 200 mm wheels. The two Ø 200 mm wheels allow you to turn the trolley on a central axis meaning it can be turned around in reduced spaces and making it easily manoeuvrable for a single person.

CRO-02 trolley is compatible with music stands from other brands.

It includes a blocking system that stops the music stands from slipping while being moved around (keeping music stands in place). Its special “Cage design” guarantees the protection of the music stands and protection screens where they are being transported. All contact points are covered with foam/rubber to protect the stands.

This trolley can transport and storage up to:

– 15 units x music stands ref. AT-12, AT-08, AT-08/BK
– 20 units x music stands ref. AT-13
– 20 units x protection screens ref. SMT-13

This practical trolley can be fully dismantled for an easy storage. It is made in steel with an anti-scratch paint finish for maximum durability. Its ergonomic handles are covered with non-slip rubber.


Measures: Base: 212 x 60 cm / Height: 116 cm
Net weight: 30 kg
Detachable: Yes
Wheels: 5 (2 x Ø 200 mm & 3 x Ø 100 mm)
Colour: Black
Material: Steel


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