Guil ELC-730

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Trosslyft, max 4,50m, 125 kg

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Compact lifting tower specially designed for easy transportation when folded. It has been certified to lift loads of up to 125 kg (275.58 lb) to a maximum height of 4.50 metres (14′ 9.17″). Its user friendly and compact design makes the ELC-730 Lift ideal for any kind of event, both outdoors and indoors.

This wind-up stand consists of 4 telescopic sections made of steel finished in a textured black powder coating (Epoxy) special for outdoor use. These sturdy sections are raised by means of a Ø 4 mm (0.16″) non-rotating steel wire rope with independent galvanised steel core, (construction: 7×19+0), specially designed for lifting heavy loads (DIN 3060).

It comes with a spirit level, for an efficient vertical adjustment of the mast sections and all pulleys and the roller-cable guide have protective metal plates to prevent damage during the lift handling and they stop the wire from coming out of the pulleys.

These mast sections are blocked by means of safety bolts; which are an essential element while using this Lift to block & unblock the mast sections at the desired height.

For a quick, safe and effortless lifting process, ELC-730 Lift is equipped with a AL-KO CF450 COMPACT brake winch with automatic braking system, which stops the load at the desired height when handle is released.

The compact base, which offers corridor and single-door access, is provided with two heavy-duty castors (Ø 100 mm/3.94″) for easy handling and positioning (wheelbarrow style).

It is equipped with four detachable stabiliser legs provided with leveller screw jacks that have reinforced spin handles with double thread and speed which makes the levelling task easier.

Their non-slip foot plates ensure a perfect adjustment of the tower to the floor surface.

It has a compact and lightweight design for easy handling, transportation and storage and can fit in small vehicles for maximum manoeuvrability. This means that one technician can transport and use the ELC-730 lift with ease, saving time and increasing productivity.

ELC-730 is equipped with two safety systems which guarantee maximum reliability and resistance:
– It is equipped with a hand winch with automatic braking system. Its auto-block system ensures the load remains in position whenever the handle is released.
ASB System (Automatic Safety Blocking System):Zip/Trigger safety system with holes by means of which in the extreme case of cable breakage, the safety trigger would automatically slide into one of these holes, blocking the load and stopping it from falling (preventing displacement).

ELC-730 Lift complies with the lightweight, sturdiness and manoeuvrability requirements needed to lift heavy loads, guaranteeing maximum safety and resistance.

ELC-730 tower complies with the highest quality standards and safety norms: DGUV Regulation 17 & 18, DGUV Rule 115-002, DIN 56950-1 and 2006/42/CE

IMPORTANT: It is not to be used as a hoist for lifting, supporting or transporting people.

Maximum Height: 4,50 m
Maxumum Load: 125 kg
Working Height: 1,45 m
Net Weight: 42,00 kg
Minimum Load: 25 kg
Working Base Span: Ø 2,10 m
Folded Dimensions: 30 x 38 x 145 cm
No of sections: 4
Material: Steel
Colour: Black
Adaptors: Ø 35 mm
Standards: 2006/42/CE, DGUV Rule 115-002 DGUV  Regulation 1, 17, 18


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