Guil ESL-18

60 kr

Säkerhetsvajer 3mm, 1,0m, stål med plastöverdrag. Karbinhake

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Stainless steel sling covered with transparent polythene (to not mark) with a maximum working load of 60 kg. It is provided with a carbine hook with a threaded locking sleeve (screw-lock). The screw lock prevents accidental or unwanted opening. The nut has a rough surface for a better grip when tightening it.

Our safety bond has reinforced loop clamps at either end to guarantee maximum durability and comes with thimble eye to create the perfect reinforced eye loop.

The stainless-steel sling with plastic coating ref. ESL-18 has a wide range of purposes, with the main use being as a safety sling to secure electronic devices (moving heads, lights, etc) when they are hung or mounted on lighting stands and rigs.

It has been manufactured complying with the health and safety requirements set out in European regulations concerning the manufacture of steel slings and their terminals: EN 13414, EN 13411, DIN 3060 (ISO 2408), 2006/42/CE Directive, EN 12385.


Cable Length: 1000 mm
Cable Diameter: 3 mm
Working Load Limit (WLL): 60 kg
Material: Stainless steel
Polythene cover: Yes
Net Weight: 0,10 kg


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